When it comes to tech, few companies have as broad an influence as Sony. From the cassette tape, to the Compact Disc, to Blu-ray, it is responsible for producing and promoting the products that became the backbone of personal entertainment. The company that was founded in Japan in 1958 has grown into a dominant force worldwide, and now produces everything from medical devices to semiconductors.

Entertainment blog, I Am Your Target Demographic, takes a look at Sony’s roots and key innovations in this digestible, five-minute video.

While Sony has a large and loyal fanbase, mostly for its PlayStation consoles, not everything that has come out of the company has been good. In the early 2000’s, Sony music CDs hid devious rootkit software that would secretly install itself on a user’s computer to track what the user did with the music. And of course, there was the grand hack by the so-called “Guardians of Peace” that became a PR nightmare for Sony.

The hack led to numerous email leaks, some of which contained disrespectful comments made by Sony about high-profile celebrities and even U.S. president Barack Obama. Didn’t know that? Neither did I. That’s why you should watch the video.

– Daven