HCS Daytona: Luminosity pulls off dominating performance in first round of losers bracket

After an upset loss to Oxygen Supremacy, Luminosity Gaming (LG) dropped into the losers bracket. They faced off against Believe the Hype (BTH) in round one, hoping for a chance to redeem themselves. In a dominating three-game performance, LG proved they are indeed still winners, making up for their blowout series loss to Oxygen and paving the way for an exciting losers bracket run.

It was a simple example of one team being completely outclassed by a more experienced, higher-skilled team. LG took an easy 3-1 win in game one, Capture the Flag on Coliseum.

BTH tied the game up at one-to-one early on, but LG scored again a minute later. BTH picked things up in the late game, with both teams having their flags out with only 2:30 remaining. Here, BTH had the change to again tie it up at two if they had returned their flag, but it was LG who returned theirs first, then followed up with the quick cap.

While game one didn’t feel terribly one-sided, the postgame report revealed a huge difference in each team’s abilities. LG out-slayed BTH by a huge margin, with 90+ team kills to BTH’s 50.

Those slaying skills would come in handy in game two, which took us to Eden for a round of Slayer. After a hectic game one, LG was able to slow into a comfortable rhythm in game two, opening up a commanding 20-point lead early in the game.

LG would eventually win the match 50 to 19.

A near shutout in game three

Featuring Strongholds on Plaza, game three was over almost as quickly as it began. LG raced to controll all three strongholds for a good portion of the game, racking up huge amounts of points very quickly.

BTH looked as if they were caught completely off guard, they were able to cap a single stronghold occasionally, but didn’t put any points on the board until well into the game. BTH eventually managed to grab two strongholds and hold them for eight points, but that would be as far as they got — LG was already at 91 points.

LG recovered a second stronghold and held it for an easy win.

BTH just couldn’t catch a break at any point in this series. While they looked competitive in game one, it quickly became clear by game two that LG was simply the better team. After losing 3-0 to Oxygen Supremacy earlier today, LG needed a series like this. Undoubtedly, they’re felling pretty confident now as they move into round two of the losers bracket.

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