HCS Daytona: Open bracket team Oxygen Supremacy upsets Luminosity Gaming in 3-0 series run

In just three fast-paced rounds, Oxygen Supremacy proved themselves a serious contender, upsetting pro team Luminosity Gaming to move on into round two of the champions bracket.

The series opened with Strongholds on The Rig. OS took an early lead, but LG kept it close until OS was able to pull away to 35-9. However, LG later achieved total control. They were able to hold this for a significant amount of time after taking out all four OS players, taking the lead and opening it up to 78-35 LG.

However, OS was far from out of the game. After a quick two kills, they grabbed all three strongholds briefly and were able to hold on to two of them long enough to retake the lead.

LG had two more control opportunities before the end of the game, but OS remained on top, eventually chalking up the win with a very close score of 100-95.

Game two featured Slayer on Regret, which ended in another tight win for OS who scored 50 points to LG’s 46. While the game was close throughout, OS was clearly in control, grabbing the overshield three times. LG was unable to make use of the powerup at all, and it cost them.

Finally, OS and LG took to Truth for a round of Capture the Flag for game three. In an amazing blitz opening, OS Nemassist took down three opposing players, grabbed the flag, and soloed it all the way back to his base for a point within the first 30 seconds.

The paced slowed down after that, with LG eventually getting a cap some three minutes later, bringing the game to a tie. OS would score another flag with 4:55 left on the clock, retaking the lead at 2-1. They would hold it until time ran out, claiming the match win and the series victory to advance to the next round of the bracket.

While off the games were close and the skill on display by both teams was impressive, OS was able to achieve three consecutive wins thanks to key tactics. First, they absolutely dominated when it came to powerup control in game two. Second, they worked well together as a team.

One thing that you see in pro games that you won’t find often in matchmaking is high assist numbers. OS DasTroyed had 20 assists in game one and in game three he had 23 — significantly more than his kill count. DasTroyed finished in last place on his team in game three, but with that number of assists he was clearly a huge benefit to his team.

This was an incredible series, and while I was rooting for OS as an underdog at first, by game three I found myself pulling for LG, realizing the tables had turned and OS wasn’t the underdog we all thought they had been. They move on to play Str8 Rippin next.

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