HCS Daytona: OpTic Gaming proves why they’re the best in semifinal round vs. Team Liquid

In an exhausting five-game series, 1st-seed OpTic Gaming pulled out the win against 5th-seed Team Liquid. The teams exchanged wins from one match to the next, but OG absolutely dominated in the final round of Slayer on The Rig, with a 50-31 victory to secure the series win and advance to the next round.

The semifinal round wasn’t without drama, with TL pulling off an incredible comeback win in game four playing Strongholds on Plaza. OG opened up an early lead after a successful triple cap, racking up 51 points to TL’s 24.

But TL turned things around, ramping up their offensive with some impressive playing and securing their own triple cap to tie the game at 51.

Now it was OG’s turn to take control again, and boy did they, running away with 43 uncontested points to bring the score to 94-51 in their favor — just six points from a win, which would have also ended the series.

Miraculously, TL regrouped and again took to the offensive, capping two strongholds and holding them for what felt like an eternity, somehow surviving onslaught after onslaught of OG attacks. At one point, TL even managed to grab the third stronghold. They held it for but a moment, but it allowed them to surge into the lead. They were able to stay on two strongholds after that and creeped to the win at 100-94, forcing the fateful game five.

Unfortunately for TL, OG proved to be a force of nature in the final game, completely out-slaying TL when it mattered most. TL will drop down to the losers bracket while OG will advance to the finals.

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