HCS Daytona: Str8 Rippin sweeps ERA Eternity in second round of losers bracket

The losers bracket action continues to heat up in Daytona as Str8 Rippin eliminated ERA Eternity in a three-game sweep.

The series opened with Strongholds on Eden, with ERA working to open a comfortable lead of 78-45. Str8 began a powerful offensive push at this point with some excellent slaying and was able to grab and hold two strongholds and take the lead.

But that wasn’t all: Just as they tied the game at 78, Str8 picked up a third stronghold for total control. While they would eventually drop back to two, they continued to gain points through the end of the game and cinched the game one win.

Str8 Danoxide helped control the map with incredible shooting, allowing his team to achieve the triple cap. He walked away with 24 kills and only two deaths.

Danoxide’s prowess as a slayer again game into play in game two, Slayer on Plaza. Str8 Rippin come out swinging, working up toward a demoralizing 50-37 win. Danoxide again had a great performance, with 20 kills and 10 deaths for an impressive 2.0 K/D ratio.

Going for style points

Game three was a tense match of Capture the Flag on Truth. After taking a seemingly easy 2-0 lead, Str8 played cautiously but aggressively. However, they had to build up steam again when ERA came back to tie it 2-2 with just two minutes remaining.

Immediately after ERA’s second cap, Str8 Danoxide was already on the ERA flag, moving it to the center of the map before falling to enemy fire. Str8 Ace recovered the flag and fought through an intense field of fire, finally bringing the flag into the base and ground-pounding it in for the game-winning score with an added flourish for good measure.

While ERA suffered a series shutout, they gave it their full in game three. It was an incredibly exciting end to the series, proving that there’s plenty of skill in the losers bracket. Str8 Rippin has now secured a spot in the top eight.

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