HCS Daytona: Team EnVyUS avoids upset, wins semifinal round vs. Oxygen Supremacy

The 11th-seed Oxygen Supremacy (OS) has made a name for themselves at HCS Daytona. They played their way out of the open bracket to take on the best pro teams and put up an incredible, if unexpected, performance. But for the semifinal round versus Team EnVyUS (NV), it seems they finally met their match.

The series went to a full five games, with OS pulling off a narrow victory in game one (Strongholds on Eden) and absolutely dominating in Slayer on Coliseum for game two. Their 50-20 win on Coliseum came seemingly out of nowhere, as they expertly dispatched the favored members of 2nd-seed NV time and time again.

The OS onslaught was relentless and NV just couldn’t catch a break. Eventually, their play turned sloppy. They didn’t look anything like the team we’d seen earlier in the tournament, and it seemed unlikely that they could come back from such a resounding defeat.

A reverse sweep

However, that’s exactly what they did, winning the next three games to force the series to five and take home the win. In game three, Capture the Flag on Truth, they made a powerful offensive push and maintained pressure on OS’s base, helping them secure a relatively easy 3-1 victory.

Game four, Strongholds on Plaza, started out fairly close, with both teams looking competitive. But NV soon took off running, finishing the game on a triple cap with a score of 100-40.

Game five was another Slayer match, this time on The Rig. Unlike on Coliseum for game two, NV now had things together. They weren’t sloppy at all, and took control over the power weapons, methodically building and maintaining a lead that eventually culminated in a 50-36 win and a series victory. NV’s Mikwen had this to say of the series:

Sloppy or not, a w is a w. NV can rest up now and get ready for tomorrow, but OS has one more game to play. They drop down to play Splyce in the final round of the day, with the winner moving on to Championship Sunday.

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