HCS Daytona: Team Liquid forces game 5, takes series win

In an incredible five-game series, Team Liquid (TL) took down Splyce to advance to round two of the champions bracket.

It wasn’t an outcome anyone expected after Splyce (SPY) took back-to-back wins in the first two rounds, dominating Capture the Flag on Coliseum with a cap in the first minute of the game and pulling off a comeback victory in Slayer on Eden. That Slayer game went 50-46, with Splyce being behind until the final moments.

Game three was TL’s time to shine. Playing Strongholds on Plaza, SPY went out to a strong early lead, pulling away to a score of 48-11. It wasn’t over yet, though, as TL continued to battle, taking a couple of brief triple caps to push their score up to 39.

SPY fought back with their own triple cap that took their score to 70. It looked like another win was in the bag, which would have given SPY the game and the series, but TL wasn’t out yet. They ended up coming back to take the win, forcing a game four.

Three caps in just over three minutes

There’s very little to say about game four — Capture the Flag on Fathom — because it was all over in just three minutes and 19 seconds. That’s how long it took for TL make three unanswered flag caps. Nobody, with the possible exception of TL, saw that coming — not SPY, not the casters, and certainly not me. I didn’t even have time to take notes.

And just like that, we were on to game five where we returned to Plaza, this time for slayer. It was another close one, with both teams battling it out with expert skill and precision.

TL took an early six-point lead, and while SPY eventually closed the gap to four, they would never get any closer. TL Rayne controlled the sniper in the middle of the game, pulling off a couple impressive kills, but overall the mood of the game felt very relaxed for TL. They stayed in control and never risked overextending themselves.

TL Rayne took the top spot with 18 kills, but every player from both teams ended with well over 50-percent accuracy and 2,000 damage. These are the types of numbers common in pro gaming that you simply don’t see often in matchmaking. It was a great example of high-caliber Halo — and what a way to close out a series.

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