Popular Halo YouTuber Luke TheNotable wanted to determine the actual rarity of Halo 5 req cards, so he did what any curious gamer would do and opened 175 gold req packs in a row. He documented which cards he received and kept track of them in a spreadsheet so he could calculate the likelihood of any one req pack containing a certain card. The results show that not all rare and legendary req cards are created equal.

If you’re wondering how Mr. TheNotable stumbled into 175 gold req packs without months of Warzone grinding (or just, you know, buying them), fans sent them to him using Halo 5’s gift feature. I guess that works when you’re popular.

This video is a few months old, but I just discovered it and found it to be a thorough explanation of req card rarity, a topic I had been somewhat curious about but never had the tenacity to put my own research into.

The key takeaway from the video is that a few reqs are so rare you’re unlikely to discover them without putting in some serious time (or shelling out some serious cash). After opening 175 packs, Luke TheNotable ended up with only one — one — ONI Wasp, for example. That gives the souped-up Wasp a rarity of 0.007% compared to the total number of req cards earned (1,518), or about a 0.57% chance of showing up in a given gold pack. (He notes the ONI Wasp req is “broken” and that 343 said it would make it less rare in a future update. I don’t believe this update has yet been applied, but correct me if I’m wrong.)

Other notable (no pun intended) reqs of extreme rarity include the Phaeton Helios, which showed up just three times, and the ONI Rocket Pod, which showed up just twice but nobody uses it, anyway.

If you’re interested in diving deeper into the data, you can access it all in this Google Sheets doc that Luke TheNotable put together, although you’ll need to set up your own math to calculate other percentages.

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