Trust. Teamwork. Communication. In a field of highly-skilled players, these are the pillars that great teams are built on and the words Snip3down chose to describe how Team EnVyUs (NV) pulled off an upset win against Optic Gaming (OG) at HCS Daytona. In a recent interview with 343 Industries, the star player spoke with characteristic modesty, emphasizing his team over his personal contributions.

“I think the way we beat Optic in Daytona was just making sure we were using our teamwork as best as possible,” he said. “We were spawning [and] asking each other questions. Our communication was on point.”

NV have always been skilled slayers, but have gotten tripped up in the past on objective game types. “We used to get slaughtered at strongholds,” Snip3down said. “We knew what we had to work on leading up to Daytona.” The team was able to clear that hurdle, however, and matched Optic Gaming two-to-two for strongholds wins in the 14-game grand final series, including a blowout 100-13 win on Eden in game one.

While they entered the tournament as the second seed team, Snip3down was apparently confident from the beginning. “I felt like this was our time,” he said. But confidence alone didn’t win Daytona; endurance played a huge role, as NV had to work their way out of the losers bracket and then win two best-of-seven rounds versus OG in the finals.

When asked if NV was now the number one team in the eyes of the Halo community, Snip3down remained diplomatic. “I think the community is at a big rift. No one is going to go out there and say undisputed that NV is the number one team. … I’m just going to focus on what I can focus on. … I feel like we are the best team when we’re on, and I’m sure Optic feels the same way.”

You can catch Snip3down and Team EnVyUs today, Wednesday May 24, in HCS Pro League at and

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