After losing to EnVyUs (NV) at HCS Daytona in an incredible 14-game series, Optic Gaming (OG) had the chance Thursday in day two of the Halo pro league summer series to take down their rival with a reverse-sweep. We saw both of these teams take easy series wins in their matchups on Wednesday, but all eyes were on these teams today as they faced off for the first time since Daytona.

After going up two games to none, NV looked incredibly strong. OG just couldn’t seem to pull things together. NV went 3-0 in CTF on Truth, followed up by a 50-40 Slayer victory. That second game was fairly tight, with OG taking the lead a couple of times, but they just couldn’t stick with NV. It felt like they were still waking up.

In game three, they finally did, winning 100-87 in Strongholds on Eden. NV had a good comeback run, but couldn’t close the gap. They would have ended the series right there, but instead it was the start of OG’s reverse-sweep.

NV went up early in game four with a quick flag cap in CTF on Fathom. But OG was right behind them. OG Royal 2 pulled off a devastating double kill with the railgun that allowed his teammates to run the flag in for the point. The fight wasn’t easy, but it was clear that OG had finally hit their stride. They took the game 3-2, forcing game five.

OG opened up game five with a commanding lead, pulling away to 20-7 at one point. OG Lethul pulled off a series of stellar moves early in the game to keep NV players away from the rockets, which resulted in the rockets being blasted over to him near top mid by some sort of divine grenade intervention. So while Lethul was trying to keep the rockets out of enemy hands, he magically ended up with them in his own hands!

In a postgame interview, Lethul was confused about how it had even happened. “I couldn’t throw that nade if I tried,” he said. You can see the crazy maneuver in the vdeo from ESL below — just try to keep your eyes on the rockets!

NV would eventually rein OG back in, but it wouldn’t be enough. OG held the lead and pulled off the win, taking the series — and winning back their pride after an upset loss to NV in Daytona.

Team Liquid takes Str8 Rippin in four games

While the series between NV and OG was arguably the one most fans cared about on Thursday, it wasn’t the only great matchup. Team Liquid and Str8 Rippin both played two rounds, meeting each other in the final match of the day.

After losing to Splyce three games to zero Thursday’s opening round, Team Liquid (TL) came back strong in the final match of the day against Str8 Rippin (Str8).

Both teams were very evenly matched, and while TL took the final game four easily with a score of 100-21 in Strongholds on The Rig, the games leading up to it were not so one-sided. Game two, Slayer on Eden, ended 50-49 in TL’s favor after a game-point standoff that seemed to last for an eternity. Game three, CTF on Truth, went into overtime at 1-1.

“That game was just a grudge match,” said TL SubZero in an interview after the match. Str8 eventually managed to dispatch all four TL players at the same time which gave them enough space to finally run back the flag. The clock ran out with Str8 up 2-1; it would be their only win.

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