There were some great matchups today in day three of the HCS Pro League Summer Series, but Optic Gaming (OG) walked away with an easy 3-0 series after Str8 Rippin (Str8) was unable to give them any real competition. Str8 did manage to pull off two flag caps in game three, but still fell 3-2, giving OG the sweep. OG holds on to the number one seed and remains undefeated so far in summer league play. Str8 is in 8th place.

After the match, OG SnakeBite spoke with customary modesty about his performance. “You guys know my teammates are absolutely incredible. If I’m not the one putting up good numbers, they’re going to be doing it.”

While OG had a relatively easy round, rival Team EnVyUs (NV) had to struggle against Evil Geniuses (EG), who came out incredibly strong. EG took game one, Eden Strongholds, by 100-5 — NV barely made it on the board. EG would take the next Strongholds game as well, albeit by a much narrower margin of 100-73. But NV would take every game in between and after for a 3-2 series win, enough to keep them in third place in the overall standings.

Team Liquid (TL) faced off against Luminosity Gaming (LG) in a matchup they were expected to win. As fate would have it, though, TL ended up winning just one game, a big 100-36 strongholds win. LG took the series 3-1 which put them in an overall tie with TL for 5th place in the standings.

In the final round of the evening, Splyce (SPY) faced off with Ronin Esports (RN). SPY took the firs two games by a fair margin, but RN played very well in game three, CTF on Coliseum, which ended in a tie at 2-2. That forced a game reset, in which SPY went up 2-0 within the first couple of minutes. But then two RN players dropped, reportedly a result of connection issues.

Unfortunately, the internet would not be kind to RN, as teammate Cratos was never able to fix his connection issues and reenter the game. Per the competition rules, RN forfeited the match — although, it seemed pretty clear that SPY was going to win, anyway.

RN Str8 Sick did have one rather hilarious moment of glory in the series during game two, Slayer on Truth. After staying alive for a superhuman amount of time, the dreaded warning “All weapons out of ammo” appeared on his screen. But that wouldn’t stop him from busting out a daring feat of bravery, running head-on into fire, sprinting up a ramp, and engaging an enemy player in melee combat. He won that fight, although was taken out shortly thereafter. Despite his heroics, RN lost the match by 13 points — but it was still fun to watch.

Splyce is tied with Optic Gaming in 1st place overall, while RN drops to 7th.

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